Tired of Pesky Mosquitos in Your Yard?

Tired of Pesky Mosquitos in Your Yard?

Get mosquito treatment for your Paducah, KY property

When mosquitos infest your yard, they can wreak havoc on your family. TruGreen provides mosquito control services in Paducah, Kentucky to ensure your yard is safe and pest-free. With just a few mosquito treatment services, you'll have a comfortable and safe place for your family to enjoy again.

With our affordable prices, you'll feel confident choosing TruGreen for mosquito control. Call us today to get $20 off your first mosquito treatment.

Mosquitos can carry serious diseases

Having mosquitos in your yard comes with more consequences than itchy skin. Mosquitos carry dangerous diseases that can affect you and your family, such as:

Malaria-this is an infectious disease that causes chronic fever and harms your red blood cells.
Yellow fever-this disease causes jaundice, the yellowing of skin and eyes, which is a sign of liver failure.
Encephalitis-this medical condition causes inflammation to the brain from either a bacterial or viral infection.

Protect your family from these dangerous diseases with mosquito control services from TruGreen. Schedule services in Paducah, Kentucky by calling 270-554-3888 today.